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Financial translation services – Financial translations

Financial translation services

HQ Language Services is one of the world’s leading & best financial Translation Services providers

HQ Language Services is the first and only financial translation services provider exclusively specializing in forex, cryptocurrencies and banking content. Our clients are the world’s leading banks, brokers, financial companies, insurance brokers and underwriters, financial magazines and websites. They trust us with their important financial documents. Our clients know that our expertise and attention to detail will mean they always receive accurate and precise financial translations.


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  • When FX Empire was looking for a freelance translator 3.5 years ago, we had no idea that you and your team would become part of our family. No need to say how pleased we are for having you with us, giving us the most professional, accurate and dedicated service as possible. The FX Empire team would most definitely recommend anyone who is in need for professional translation and content services to contact Consuelo and her team, we are convinced they would be pleased as we are.
    Marina ShuldinerMarina ShuldinerOperations & Content Manager
  • I appreciate working with HQLS because it is fast, easy and straightforward. Consuelo has been always very quick in handling our translation requests. The quality of the delivered texts, which are related to Economy and Finance, is very good and the price to performance ratio is excellent.
    Dominik K. ErneDominik K. ErneHead of Marketing & PR
  • I appreciate working with HQLS because it is fast, easy and straightforward. Consuelo has been always very quick in handling our translation requests. The quality of the delivered texts, which are related to Economy and Finance, is very good and the price to performance ratio is excellent.
    Dominik K. ErneHead of Marketing & PR
  • Always a pleasure to deal with competent people! We are already in our third year of working with the company and have no plans to change that. The service they provide us for our complex multilingual website is very convenient for us. Our best wishes and good luck!
    Anton IvanovAnton IvanovMarketing Specialist - RoboForex company
  • Consuelo and her team are wonderful people and highly professional translators, their skills are sharp, accurate and creative. I work with many people in my profession, and they are one of the most appreciated amongst them, they translated a lot of material for us in the financial market, and each work was spotless, with high definition of vocabulary and extremely creative to fit the target language ear. Hope you will strive onward, Itay.
    Itay El-AlItay El-AlChief operation officer - Traders education
  • We have been working with HQ Language Services since 2015 and I’m always really impressed by their quality, accuracy, speed and knowledge of the subject matter. They handle a wide range of languages with utmost professionalism and are always available when we need them. I would also like to commend them for their flexibility and aspiration to fulfil my needs and requirements — they always do everything possible to make their customer happy. I’m certainly very happy to recommend them.
    Anna SvitkovskayaAnna SvitkovskayaHead of Translations

Quality promised AND delivered. Trust us!


With over 15 years’ translation services experience, we are the leading (and best!) translation service provider of quality language solutions for the global financial industry. In a globalized world, international finance represents an opportunity of the utmost importance for everyone, everywhere. We help you translate financial content into other languages. And into money.

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HQ language service is the fastest growing translation company because of our commitment to quality. 100% satisfaction guaranteed and at a competitive price. Our translators can provide Forex translation services, insurance translation services, banking translation services as well as business translation services.



Expand your market, improve your business! We provide superior financial translation services and localization services to let you compete in the global market and communicate with new target audiences.


We can take you everywhere without losing your message! Thanks to their linguistic and cultural skills, our teams understand all your target markets. We offer the most effective, authentic and reliable transcreation and creative translation services.


Taking you around the world, bringing you the world! Our translators provide subtitling and dubbing services with due respect for cultural nuances.


We don’t miss a letter so you don’t miss a dollar! Our transcribers provide unparalleled expertise preserving cultural nuances and language, ensuring a real impact on your target market.


We save you time working on your social media! We are able to manage all your profiles creating a positive and engaging environment for your business in the global social community.


We offer on-going support for all of your copywriting needs! We create products that make your brand stick and attract and convert the right traffic.

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions

What is financial translation?

Financial translation is the process of translating financial documents from one language to another. Financial translations are typically required for multinational companies that need to communicate their financial reports, balance sheets, and other documentation to investors, shareholders, and other interested parties in multiple languages.

Financial translations are typically carried out by professional translation agencies that employ specialist financial translators. They must be able to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive financial information as well as have a high level of linguistic proficiency and an in-depth understanding of financial concepts and terminology in order to accurately translate complex financial documents.

What documents can be translated?

Financial translation involves the translation of documents related to financial and legal topics therefore this covers a wide range of documents that can be translated. These include documents such as annual reports, financial reports, balance sheets, income statements, and tax documents. Alongside these, it also includes various types of other financial documents such as contracts, loan agreements, and investment prospects.

The four key points to consider when choosing the right financial translation company:

When it comes to something as important as financial translation, you want to make sure you choose a company with the right mix of skills and experience.  Here are four key points to consider when choosing a financial translation company:

  1. Technical Knowledge – They need to have a strong technical understanding of the subject matter.  This means they should have translators on staff who are both native speakers of the target language and have experience working in the finance industry.
  2. Attention to Detail – Financial documents are often full of numbers, so it’s important to choose a company that has experience translating these types of documents and is detail-oriented.
  3. Flexibility – Financial documents can be complex and often require last-minute changes. Choose a company that is flexible and is able to accommodate possible last-minute changes.

Privacy – A trustworthy financial translation company needs to be able to keep sensitive information confidential. Make sure they have a robust non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place before you start working with them.

What is the difference between financial localization and financial translations?

Financial localization refers to the process of adapting financial materials to a specific region or market. This can involve tailoring content to local regulations, customs, and preferences. In business, financial localization is the process of ensuring that financial documents and transactions are in compliance with the laws of a specific country or region. This can involve changes to accounting standards, tax reporting requirements, and other aspects of financial management.

Financial translations, on the other hand, simply involve translating financial materials from one language to another. This is typically done in order to facilitate cross-border communication and collaboration.

Localization can be a complex and time-consuming process, but it is often essential for businesses that want to enter new markets. Without localization, businesses run the risk of making costly errors that could damage their reputation or lead to financial penalties.

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Our standard price structure lets you pay a fixed amount per word for one-off projects. Your payment includes translations, proofreading and a dedicated project manager. We offer competitive discounts for large, one-off translation projects. Our Translation Services rates are really competitive, allowing you to save a substantial amount of money.


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Our unique Fixed Monthly Plan allows you to make real savings on on-going projects. The rates are staggered across different monthly work volumes—as the number of words you need translated each month increases, the price reduces considerably. Instead of paying standard prices, your on-going projects are greatly discounted.




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